iBaby M6 Baby Monitor

iBaby Monitor M6 is capable of moving 360 degrees to give you a full coverage of your baby. It is connected to your smartphone or tablet and controlled with a simple swipe of your finger. You are now able to see your baby whenever you need. At home. At work. Anywhere in the world. The night vision feature helps you see your baby clearly day or night.

Get an alert on your phone when your baby starts moving in the crib or cries. You now don’t have to be next to her to comfort her when she wakes up. The two-way speakers and echo cancellation feature allow you to talk to your baby and hear her at the same time.

M6 makes the bedtime routine just a breeze by helping you put your baby to sleep. Push a button on your phone to play her favorite lullabies from the music library or record a fairy tale to be replayed when you can’t read it yourself.

Don’t let your loved ones miss a special moment from your baby’s life. Use the app to record a video and share it with your friends and family. Or your boss. Or your hairdresser. Thanks to our secure servers backed by Amazon your videos are safe with us and only available to the people you choose.

60 seconds is all you need to set up your iBaby monitor. Download the free app for your mobile Apple or Android device and you’re good to go. Explore the parenting community that comes with the monitor. Ask a question, get an answer, find parenting resources, or post your baby’s photos. Take a moment to relax and enjoy the life as a parent.