iBaby M2 Pro Baby Monitor

Parents are busier than ever. But that doesn’t mean you have to be away from the one you love the most. With the new, iBaby Monitor M2 Pro, you and your baby are closer than ever. The iBaby Monitor M2 Pro features 2-way audio, temperature and humidity sensors and you can snap pictures to share on your favourite social site. The crystal clear 720p video resolution with night vision lets you see your baby any time of the day or night. Stay in touch with Grandma, Grandpa, by adding them as viewers. Full privacy controls allow you to determine when they can access your camera and how they can use the app. Best of all, with the iBabyCare app, you can sing, talk, and play with your baby everywhere you go. You can record yourself reading your baby’s favourite bedtime stories or singing lullabies. You can even upload music from iTunes or Google Library. The iBabyCare app will also alert you when sound and motion sensors are activated so you can stay worry-free. Life is too short to miss out on all those precious moments. Whether you are in the room or miles away, you and your little one can be closer than ever with the new iBaby Monitor M2 Pro.